Ashley’s Toronto Restaurant Guide

Since moving to Toronto, I have discovered a natural aptitude for exploring my new home by eating my way through  it. Restaurants, cafés, five star to dive bar – you name it, I’ve tired it.

Over the course of this culinary discovery tour I began compiling a list of restaurants to try and return to. This list has evolved into a reference guide for friends and family so I decided to share it here as well.

I work hard to keep it up to date and reliable, so take a peak and check back often. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on some of my favourite food destinations in Toronto!

Restaurants – Casual & Take Out

  • Khao San Road – thai food
  • Wilbur – tacos
  • La Carnita – tacos
  • The Lakeview – 24 hour diner
  • Fresh – all vegan. all delicious
  • Electric Mud – more tacos
  • Electric Mud BBQ – great BBQ
  • Kensington Market – just walk around and eat whatever looks good
  • Doomie’s – vegan Big Macs
  • The Ace – Roncesvalle diner
  • Cherry Street Bar-B-Que – BBQ place
  • Tacos 101 – my favourite place for tacos

Restaurants – Less Casual

  • Portland Variety
  • Marben – my absolute go to for a good meal and drinks
  • Dark Hoof – meat and all the parts around it
  • Café Belong – a hidden gem
  • The Carbon Bar
  • Fat Pasha – great middle eastern food. Hubby was beside himself.
  • Bar Isabel
  • Piano Piano – the new Splendido
  • LBS. – lobster and lots of it
  • Piano Piano – the new Splendido
  • Byblos – hubby’s favourite

Restaurants – Not Casual

  • Parcae – great for date night
  • Alo – top to try
  • America – a let down during Winterlicious but worth a cocktail
  • George

Asian Restaurants

  • Lee – started the Susur empire
  • Foxly – hidden gem around Ossington
  • Dailo
  • Luckee
  • R & D

 Spanish Restaurants

  • Patria – same owner as Byblos. Great Paella
  • El Catrin – great winterized patior

 French Restaurants

  • Colette
  • Le select
  • Cluny
  • Chabrol

Brunch Restaurants

  • Peter Pan – my local go-to for brunch
  • Marben – my other go-to for brunch
  • School – themed, like the name implies
  • Luckee – for Dim Sum
  • Collette – fantastic brunch buffet. Perfect for a celebration

Dessert Places

  • Nadege – a given
  • Home – cute, tucked away bakery
  • Kekou Gelato – Japanese flavours, fun to try
  • Lick It Gelato – perfect location for eating along the watefront
  • Soma – another given
  • Tsujiri
  • Uncle Tetsu – worth the line up. Like baked pieces of heaven
  • Tori’s Bakeshop – becomes a cute wine bar with desserts in the evening

Drinks and Cocktails

  • Home of the Brave – great cocktails and laid back vibe
  • Cocktail Bar – exactly imagine a speakeasy to of been like
  • Canoe – views are hard to beat
  • Collette – a great french escape for drinks with friends
  • El Catrin
  • Bar Raval
  • Bar Chef – a bit over the top, but the cocktails are admittedly good. Good with our of town guests.
  • Shameful Tiki Room
  • Rush Lane
  • Bar Fancy
  • El Ray
  • The Cloak – beneath Marben. Gin themed, therefore my happy place
  • Rhum Bar – a favourite for the vibe. Provides an evening escape to the Caribbean

Author: Ashley Barby

I believe that our biggest regrets are for the chances that we don’t take. Above all, I believe that people are intrinsically good and that we are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with.

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