Local Christmas Shopping Round Up

It’s that time of year again! Christmas trees are sparkling, stockings are hung…you’re trying to buy that special gift for someone who already has everything. Tell me about it.

This year, I decided to take a different approach to gift giving. It’s easy to forget that our gift giving dollars send retailers a strong message. This year, I wanted to be cognizant that my message reinforces what I believe in – supporting local entrepreneurs. There are so many amazing local entrepreneurs and craft people across Canada creating gorgeous items that are perfect for gift giving.

Here is just a small list of the many amazing entrepreneurs who I have come to shop from and admire over the years. They will definitely have you covered for your gift giving this year!

Dayna Lee Collection


This collection of lifestyle items was a lucky Instagram find that I stumbled on over a year ago. Featuring inspiring messages on home items, Dayna Lee Collection manages to strike the perfect balance between uplifting messaging, and aesthetically pleasing design. I particularly love her pillows and notebooks.

Based out of Toronto, Dayna Langlois personifies the entrepreneurial dream. A mother of three, she started her company out of her home, and is now carried by a variety of large retailers including Indigo, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
instagram-xxl @DaynaLeeCollection

Lockett Jewels


I have been a faithful collector of Lockett pieces for two years now. The designer behind this collection has an impeccable eye for quality and detail and manages to strike the perfect balance of bohemian chic.

Based out of Toronto, Nicky Lockett handcrafts every single item in her collection, so each piece is unique. Trust me, once you’ve added one of her pieces to your jewellery collection, it will be hard to stop.



I know that many of us are on the perpetual look out for the perfect handbag. You may relax now – the DUVAL Meraki shoulder bag has you covered. The entire DUVAL collection features clean, crisp designs and is as versatile as you would hope.

This Canadian designer, Esther Hempel, is based out of Edmonton. Full disclosure, I worked with her at Holt Renfrew once upon a time, before she left to launch DUVAL. She is as sweet as her designs are gorgeous.

instagram-xxl @DuvalCanada

The Teeny Tiny Bakery


And finally, for the person on your list who has everything! They may own everything under the sun, but do they have itty bitty cookies? If the answer is no, you are covered! The Teeny Tiny Bakery is a wonderful company out of Toronto that creates miniature cookie sets based around unique, seasonal themes.

The team behind The Teeny Tiny Bakery bills themselves as #teamnosleep, and if you follow them on Instagram for a week, you will see that the title is well deserved. Their dedication and the passion for their craft is truly inspiring.

instagram-xxl @TeenyTinyBakery

Author: Ashley Barby

I believe that our biggest regrets are for the chances that we don’t take. Above all, I believe that people are intrinsically good and that we are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with.

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