Pizza Party, Grown up Style!

Hubby and I recently moved into our lovely new home in Toronto.  In order to properly acclimatize to our new surroundings, we decided to take the kitchen for a test drive, with a small, casual dinner party. It’s hard to think of anything that says “home” better than a pizza party! Between homemade pizza and Italian wine, we elevated our casual pizza party affair to adult status, and officially broke our new space in for entertaining.

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Ashley’s Toronto Restaurant Guide

Since moving to Toronto, I have discovered a natural aptitude for exploring my new home by eating my way through  it. Restaurants, cafés, five star to dive bar – you name it, I’ve tired it.

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Apple Galette Recipe

Why do I love apple galette? Let me count the ways. It is easy, it is delicious… those are all the reasons I need!

I opted for an apple galette dessert at a recent dinner party. This meant that I could prepare the galette hours ahead and then pop into the oven just as we were sitting down to dinner. This gave enough time for the galette to cook and come piping hot out of the oven just in time for dessert.

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Springtime in Paris Dinner Party

If you’re anything like me there is very little reason needed for a dinner party. In this case, just a small glimpse of spring was enough to break out the crystal and napkins for a Parisian-themed dinner party with friends. Never mind that it ended up snowing the day of… it’s nothing that a bottle of Bordeaux and apple galette can’t solve.

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