November Book Pick: Drive by Daniel Pink

Great news! The verdict is in… I’m starting a book club. Most people who know me know how much I love to read.  Now, I finally get a chance to spread my love of reading by sharing a favourite book every month.

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The Perfect Beach Reads

There are few things as relaxing and indulgent as a good book read on the beach. There are few things more frustrating than getting all settled in for a day of reading on the beach (we’re talking umbrella up, towel down, SPF 50 from head to toe) and realizing the book you prepared to dive into actually kind of sucks. Continue reading “The Perfect Beach Reads”

5 Books to Make This Your Best Year Yet


Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not, there is something incredibly refreshing and uplifting about turning the page of the calendar to a fresh new year. Personally, I am a fan of goal setting and ongoing growth throughout the year, January included. This year, why not skip the list of do’s and don’ts, and refocus instead on holistic growth. To help guide you, here are my top 5 books for personal growth in the new year Continue reading “5 Books to Make This Your Best Year Yet”