How the heck did I end up in tech?

I recently turned 30 (agh!) and as one does at major points in their life I started reflecting on where I am today and how I got here. And the most surprising thing for me was the realization that I identify myself as working in tech. Continue reading “How the heck did I end up in tech?”

What I Learned From our First Pitch Competition

Specsy hit the big leagues this week! We entered our first ever pitch competition at Decoded Fashion Summit in New York and made it all the way to the finals. Not bad for first timers who had entered six days in advance.

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Tools to Start Your Business (and organize your life)

Over the past few years I have stumbled into the world of tech startups. I’m still not quite sure how I ended up ensconced in the startup ecosystem, but here I am! Along the way, I have discovered some amazing tools that really do help startups and entrepreneurs operate as efficiently as possible.

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